How often are the CIBIL scores updated?

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How often are the CIBIL scores updated?

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:42 am

It will require about a fortnight for your Credit Score to have updated after you close your loans. You can test checking your Credit Score a month after you close any loan or Credit Card. Keep in mind that pre-closing loans and closing bank cards may have a little negative impact on your score that can easily be improved by repaying other loans or Credit Card dues on time on a monthly basis. This impact that is negative as the quantity of account (loans, bank cards) in addition to average age of credit, goes down. It is important to have a very good mix of credit that you have maintained for a long period of time for a score that is good. These are major factors in your credit rating along with your Credit report. If you’d love to look at your credit history for free, click the link


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