How many credit cards are good for your credit score?

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How many credit cards are good for your credit score?

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:41 pm

Here are some things.

First of all, you have to make that recommendation, as you do, with salt-grain -
Then you can decide what is best for you. scores You Check It Against Credit Numerals (depending on the limits of the loan, so credit available - no loans - more than you, total) and credit balances are used by you less frequently, using credit scores.

Because you have a credit card - a credit card, tell it - you do not have to use it.
You can now keep active by making small purchases - pay off the balance (automatically, set online) at the end of each billing cycle.

In this way, while keeping your consumption low, you can increase the balance of loans available to you.
There is no set of credit accounts that you have - however, it will lose your credit score (temporarily decreasing).

You do not even mention the crucial part of the credit score - the longevity of accounts.
The longer the account is, the better the effect on your score (more compatible).

So, many new accounts that you want to open can hit your score: for additional accounts and for a short period of time to have such accounts, it will improve.


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