How do I check my credit score?

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How do I check my credit score?

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:38 pm

In the good old days of ancient times, the credit history or the happiness of the word is not known. With time, financial knowledge, knowledge, and behavior have evolved.

People began to realize the importance of credit history and its importance in deciding their financial future.

The cibil score is counted by some algorithms and conditions, and only when they are satisfied, are some weight.

Factors affecting CIBIL score:

The list of factors that influence the CIBIL score is as follows:

Payment history on loans, credit cards etc.
Debt accounts and credit card accounts
Using credit limit on loans and credit cards.
To make payments or to close loans and credit cards first
Payment defaults
Advance closures with co-operation between banks or financial institutions
Guarantee on third-party loan.


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