How many points should my credit score raise?

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How many points should my credit score raise?

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:36 pm

This really is difficult to say just how much your score will go up from paying down your debt.  Then it may not increase it at all, initially if you had consistent late payment history for an extended period.

Credit builds on payment history and it will not take much for that past history to check negative.  1 or 2 late payments can be all that's necessary to start stalling your score.  Even if the debt is paid, the past history may remain for decades.  

So that you can have your payoff do the most work for your score you then should monitor your history and also make sure any negative reporting will not persist following the balance has been paid.  Credit repair specialists may be able to direct you towards this as well as disputing items that are negative are maintaining your score stagnant.  Once some of those negative items are removed and you also continue creating good payment history as time goes by, in that case, your score will likely be from the steady climb upward.


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