Is free CIBIL score from other sites is correct?

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Is free CIBIL score from other sites is correct?

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:31 pm

Well, that’s not completely true. Must inform you that there is a fee of Rs. 100 + Rs.16 as tax a long ago but now it's free ( RBI), that is charged to get your so called ‘Credit report’. Although this report contains all your Credit History but the score is not exactly what it should be.

For Instance, I got to know my CIBIL Score (it was 710) through an agent, who was processing my Home Loan request. I just wanted to ensure that it’s correct. So, I chose for my Credit Report. It gave me a report with correct Transaction History, however, stating that my current score is 300.

To know exact information you can check the link - Credit Score for free online


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